How to make lasting impressions on your children for genuine success.

Parents are typically the most important influence in their children's lives. How will you use your influence? To help your child make good grades? To coach your child toward excellence in sports? To 'Tiger Mom' your child to rehearse her musical instrument until she masters it? How will you use your influence?

There's nothing wrong with academic excellence, athletic success or musical expertise; but are those the true markers for success? Most parents put a lot of time, money and miles on the mini-van focused on those pursuits and keeping our kids busy ("enriched"). But I'd suggest that those are secondary to something that is more important and ultimately more gratifying. The most important influence you can have on your child is relationship: your relationship with your child, and your relationship with God. You can wind up with a scholar, but without a moral or spiritual base, he may cheat his way through the Ivy League. You can produce a stellar athlete, but she is vulnerable to losing her identity, worth, and sense of self with one tear of her ACL. Your thousands of dollars of lessons at elite studios might result in an outstanding musician or dancer, but will she/he have the character and the moral center it will require for her/his success in entertainment or the arts?  How about if we spend just a little less time nagging about the homework, playing the sport or practicing the piano, and turn off the tech and TV for a few minutes and talk? Why don't we discover fun ways to bring faith home?


Kids learn in different ways. If you have more than one child, you know this. Some like to learn by doing. Others learn by creating. Still others  may learn by listening or by writing. As parents, we can study our child and discover how they learn best, then try some fun ways to use their learning style to impress on them the most important stuff: a relationship with you and a relationship with God. Don't worry, you don't have to make it up on your own, we will provide dozens of ideas, suggestions and tips, plus we can learn from each others' experiences.

What impression will you make on your child?

What impression will you make on your child?

Mom and dad - you have three kinds of moments to make lasting impressions:                                   

  • Informal moments - those casual minutes in the car, or in between activities, snacking, or a bedtime when you have a quick, personal connection with your child.
  • Intentional moments - planned times to be a bit more strategic and formal about connecting with your child about faith, values and fun. it could be over a meal or just for twenty minutes together.
  • Milestones - are those rites of passage times that are significant in the life of a child when they are unusually receptive to instruction and remembering the content of what you want to impress on them. Like starting kindergarten, learning to ride a bike, learning to read, first overnight at a friends, faith discoveries and decisions, going to camp, confirmation, starting middle school, etc.

We will help you maximize each of these moments to make the lasting impression you want to make on your child.

Informal, intentional and milestone family moments. Order a copy for your family or as a Christmas gift.

Informal, intentional and milestone family moments. Order a copy for your family or as a Christmas gift.

Listen to Tim Smith talk about 52 Creative Time Experiences and why trying to have "the perfect family" may actually work against children and teens having their own vibrant faith. 'The Danger of Nice Parents': http://www.blogtalkradio.com/krvr/2013/01/14/tim-smith-shares-ideas-for-your-family